- The Washington Times
Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Rick Gates said Wednesday he and Paul Manafort told the FBI in 2014 about the foreign bank accounts now at the center of Mr. Manafort’s criminal trial for financial fraud.

On Tuesday, Mr. Gates testified the FBI questioned him and Mr. Manafort as part of a joint forfeiture probe by the United States and Ukrainian governments. The FBI told them they were not under investigation in the probe, Mr. Gates said.

During cross-examination Wednesday morning, Mr. Gates said Mr. Manafort instructed him to be truthful with the FBI.

“He indicated that we should be open and provide the information that was asked of us,” Mr. Gates told the courtroom.

He said during the interview he told authorities about the existence of overseas entities with names like Global Endeavor and Lucicle.

Mr. Manafort is accused of using those entities to evade U.S. taxes by using them to hide his overseas income from the IRS.

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