- The Washington Times
Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Rick Gates said Tuesday he and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort were interviewed by the FBI in 2014 as part of a Ukrainian forfeiture probe.

He said the FBI told him and Mr. Manafort they were not under investigation and asked questions about their political work in the Ukraine.

The disclosure came during Mr. Gates‘ testimony against Mr. Manafort, who is on trial for tax and bank fraud.

Mr. Gates, who some witnesses described as Mr. Manafort’s “right-hand man,” is the star witness for prosecutors from special counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

Mr. Gates said he and Mr. were interviewed separately by authorities from both the United States and Ukraine.

After the interview, Mr. Gates said he was ordered by Mr. Manafort to meet with a Ukrainian business contact in France. The goal of the meeting, Mr. Gates said, was to learn more about the businessman’s company.

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