- The Washington Times
Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Attorneys general from 22 states and Washington, D.C., filed with a federal court Monday evening in an attempt to block the Federal Communications Commission from repealing net neutrality rules.

The states contend that the FCC “entirely ignored” the potential harm a less regulated internet poses to consumers and public safety.

“For more than fifteen years, the Federal Communications Commission has agreed that an open internet free from blocking, throttling, or other interference by service providers is critical to ensure that all Americans have access to the advanced telecommunications services that have become essential for daily life,” the filing read.

The states also argue that the FCC’s repeal oversteps by blocking the states’ local laws regarding net neutrality regulations without valid justification.

The FCC decided to roll back the 2015 Obama-era regulation with a 3-2 vote in December. Chairman Ajit Pai has framed the repeal as a return to Clinton-era strategies with a market-based approach rather than treating the web as a utility.

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