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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

“Master race”? Jason Kessler apparently isn’t even master in his own house.

Mr. Kessler, who organized the two “Unite the Right” rallies in the past year, was recording a livestream with fellow alt-right leader Patrick Little earlier this summer when he got interrupted.

“Hey, you get out of my room!” a male voice bellows in the background.

“Hey, sorry, I’m having an issue here,” Mr. Kessler tells Mr. Little, who first suspects that his fellow white supremacist might have a “drunk roommate there.”

Mr. Kessler initially evades with it’s “something like that.”

“I want this to stop in my room, Jason!” the man can be heard shouting. “This is my room!”

Mr. Little chuckles: “‘Clean your room,’ I’m gonna assume that’s a parent there.”

Mr. Kessler walks off the smartphone’s camera, but reappears quickly to deny Mr. Little’s suggestion that he’s living with an Orthodox Jew — the group they had been railing against.

“It’s my father,” the 34-year-old says upon re-entering the phone-camera frame.

He then starts railing against his family “for watching American History Channel and its constant anti-German propaganda. The Nazis! The Jews!” he laments.

“I’m stuck in a situation where I have to stay with my family because I’m paying for all these lawsuits and I can’t afford to do that without staying with my family. But they’re cucked,” he said.

Alt-right figures frequently use the term “cucks” to compare conventional conservatives to cuckolded husbands who enjoy their wives’ cheating on them.

Last weekend’s “Unite the Right 2” rally at Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C., attracted only a couple of dozen protesters.

Mr. Little initially posted the livestream June 28 but it only began garnering attention when this excerpt was posted to Twitter on Tuesday and quickly picked up by such outlets as the liberal HuffPost and the conservative Hot Air.

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