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Two months ago, no one knew David Hogg. Today he is all over the left-wing media and his face dominates many social media discussions. MSNBC, also known as the Karl Marx channel, and CNN fawn all over him.

David, 17, a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida and has become the face of the latest left-wing attempt to strip Americans of their constitutional rights.

David’s ego has certain grown as the left-wing media has worshipped him but a few days ago, he removed any doubt that he is completely against any form of freedom or liberty.

David’s war against anyone who would dare disagree with him went on full public display last week when talk show host and Fox News star Laura Ingraham went after him. David whined on Twitter that he had not been accepted into several universities he wanted to attend. He has been accepted into at least two universities. In response to Ms. Ingraham’s tweets back at him, David demanded a complete advertiser boycott of Ms. Ingraham’s show on Fox News.

The radical leftist group Media Matters jumped on the band wagon and within days, at least 11 of Laura Ingraham’s sponsors left her. Perhaps feeling the pressure, at the end of the week, Ms. Ingraham tweeted an apology to David.

She should have known better or at least should have remembered the words of John Wayne. “Never apologize. It is a sign of weakness.” David arrogantly announced he would not accept her apology unless Ms. Ingraham denounced Fox News as well. On Friday’s show, Ms. Ingraham announced she was taking a “preplanned” vacation.

The “preplanned” vacation brings back shades of Bill O’Reilly, who took a “preplanned” vacation and never returned following allegations of sexual harassment. Fox has made a public statement about the attack on the Laura Ingraham show.

The left has been working for decades to silence any form if disagreement. A leftist-led boycott helped drive Bill O’Reilly out from his show. Media Matters has tried to get advertisers to boycott Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Another far left group, Sleeping Giants, attacked the conservative news outlet Breitbart and reportedly cost them 90 percent of their advertisers.

If the leftists win by forcing Laura Ingraham off the air, no conservative media outlet is safe. The left will try this again and again because their goal is simple. They want to crush any opinion that differs from their left-wing orthodoxy.

David claims he wants to debate those who support the 2nd Amendment. Nothing could be further from the truth. Neither David nor the left wants to debate. Conservatives such as Ben Shapiro or Ann Coulter are routinely denied the opportunity to speak on college campuses. Speeches by conservatives are routinely shut down by far-left wing rioters.

Conservatives love the free market of ideas. Liberals despise it because people always choose freedom over socialism and liberty over slavery.

David’s fascism is the left’s fascism. The left wants to repeal the fundamental freedoms the Bill of Rights gives us. They want to eliminate all forms of speech they do not agree with. The only freedom of religion they want is when the religion supports their radical ideology. And of course, they despise the 2nd Amendment.

Because fascism and tyranny are so much harder when the population can fight back.

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