Monday, September 18, 2017


On Sept. 6 at 9:57 a.m., the U.S. government accepted my application for political asylum in the United States. I want to thank the U.S. government and the great American people for taking us into their embrace and their wings at a moment when I, along with my family, am faced with the greatest adversity of my life.

The United States has the only government in the world that continues to strictly enforce international law by offering political asylum to foreigners facing political persecution and codifying it as domestic law.

This reflects the great American tradition of upholding justice and respect for human rights, and constitutes a core value of the American system of government, a government that works to protect what the Declaration of Independence said was the right of people to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And a government and people who refuse to close their eyes and just coexist with tyranny on far away shores. This has won them great respect, trust and friendship from people everywhere, that is well deserved.

The adversity is the result of my effort to expose the leviathan Chinese Mafia state, the most corrupt, tyrannical and brutal state on earth, bar North Korea, a state some of whose leaders systematically have stolen trillions of dollars of the Chinese people’s wealth. It comes from my advocacy of the rule of law, political freedoms and democracy, opposition to rule by mafia thuggery, by a police state and by a regime characterized by institutionalized corruption.

In recent months, I have been a subject of multiple kidnap and assassination attempts, unprecedented in the last 100 years of Chinese history, and this has occurred even while I reside on American soil.

It is my hope that a fair-minded and strictly lawful treatment of my asylum application will enable me all the more to reveal the glaring contrast between the American and the Chinese ways of government. It is a difference as stark as night and day, and between vice and virtue. This has made me all the more determined to continue my own fight for freedom, democracy, rule of law and an independent judiciary in my home country of China, and to continue to expose corruption, particularly at the highest levels of the Chinese government.

The United States is the only government that dares to look the Chinese regime straight in the eye and offer me a secure home here in the United States. I feel I am forever indebted to America and to the great American people, a debt I shall pay back for the rest of my life.

From now on the numerous daily hits on my website become part of a fighting force that is part of the American arsenal of democracy and freedom worldwide in the digital age.

In an effort to implement a well-coordinated long-term plan, the dictatorial Chinese Communist regime, through its government-run propaganda machine and with the help of rogue regimes around the world, continues to engage in a campaign to demonize the United States, using all kinds of smear tactics and its vast human and financial resources to try and subvert American democracy.

This cannot be tolerated any more by the American, or the Chinese people. The evidence included in my application serves to negate convincingly the Chinese Communist propaganda against the United States. It demonstrates to the Chinese people that even though America may be an enemy of tyranny everywhere, the American people are the brothers and sisters and great friends of the Chinese people.

The great Chinese and American people and others who are willing to side with them, should join hands and fully utilize their respective ingenuity to build a freer China, a freer and thus more peaceful and prosperous Pacific region, and a freer and thus more united world, a world in which the last citadels of Asiatic reaction, tyranny and barbarism are consigned to the dustbin of history; Mafia states outlawed; everyone’s right to life, liberty and his or her pursuit of happiness protected by law, and a world in which the institution of political asylum can finally be made obsolete and thus be abolished.

As President Ronald Reagan stated in his farewell address in January 1989, America is “still a beacon, still a magnet for all who must have freedom, for all the pilgrims from all the lost places who are hurtling through the darkness, toward home.”

May the people of China be granted freedom. May God bless America.

• Guo Wengui is an expatriate Chinese businessman living in New York City.

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