- The Washington Times
Tuesday, September 12, 2017

While Apple’s iPhone announcement is sure to dominate the tech headlines, nostalgic Gen X-ers and millennials got an early Christmas gift from another tech company.

Nintendo announced Tuesday that it was expanding its shipping schedule for the much-anticipated Super NES Classic, citing “incredible demand” for the product in its Sept. 12 news release

“In addition, more units of Super NES Classic Edition will ship on its Sept. 29 launch day in the U.S. than were shipped of NES Classic Edition all last year, with subsequent shipments arriving in stores regularly,” the company said. “Fans have shown their unbridled enthusiasm for these Classic Edition systems, so Nintendo is working to put many more of them on store shelves.”

The Super NES Classic Edition will sell for $80 and comes pre-loaded with 21 games, including the previously unreleased “Starfox 2.”

The NES Classic was released on Nov. 11, 2016, and retailed for $60, but its limited manufacture spurred grousing from fans over shortages and delivery backlogs.

A review of eBay listings shows the NES Classic currently going for anywhere from as low as $71 to as high as $999.99.

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