- The Washington Times
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Kelli Ward, conservative Republican candidate for the Senate seat in Arizona, sent a fundraising message to voters Tuesday night to capitalize on the decision of incumbent Republican Sen. Jeff Flake not to seek reelection.

“Sanctuary Senator Flake is out of alignment with the people as he refuses to support the president and his bold ‘America First’ agenda,” Ms. Ward said in the email. “The writing is on the wall: the Establishment’s days are numbered.”

She asked for donations because, she said, establishment Republicans “won’t go down without a fight.”

A physician, Ms. Ward was gearing up to challenge Mr. Flake in the GOP primary when he suddenly announced his retirement Tuesday.

Jeff Flake’s coming departure is a win for Arizonans and Americans,” Ms. Ward said. “But it’s crucial our campaign stays sharp now and in the coming days.”

She added, “I’m convinced the Establishment will do anything it can to smear and sabotage our America First campaign, and I can only imagine what they have up their sleeve.”

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