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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sens. Susan Collins and Joe Manchin said Thursday they hope to foster more support for senators to work together.

“Now the members may change from issue to issue, but right now there’s not an entity from the outside cheering on that activity,” Ms. Collins, Maine Republican, said on MSNBC, appearing with Mr. Manchin, West Virginia Democrat.

Both senators have joined the group “No Labels” as honorary co-chairs. The nonprofit group tries to bring consensus to the big issues being debated in Congress. The senators will work with the House Problem Solvers Caucus — a group split almost evenly along partisan lines — on these issues.

“The silent middle has been silent for far too long, and they’re starting to speak out,” Mr. Manchin said.

He added that both extreme ends on the partisan sides have donors, but there isn’t as much support for those in the middle.

“You don’t know all the different corporate leaders that we have involved with ‘No Labels,’ ” Mr. Manchin said.

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