Tuesday, May 9, 2017


In the immediate aftermath of the most devastating loss in 240 years of presidential politics (a loss where the inevitable was trounced by the deplorable) Hillary Clinton went for a prolonged sojourn in the woods around her home, the same home where a private email server rested peacefully in her basement for years, gathering dust and state secrets.

I had hoped that she might find some welcoming triple-canopy forest to grant her anonymity while she searched for the meaning of the rest of her life, but alas she’s back and apparently without a lick of newfound wisdom. Instead of smelling the flowers and meditating about her many deficiencies, Mrs. Clinton spent her time camouflaging the latter and singing the Comey blues. Although a majority of white women chose to grasp the ‘small hands’ of Donald Trump by voting for him, Mrs. Clinton focuses on misogyny as one reason she lost. Of course, she lost to Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary, but I guess misogyny back then was not an issue.

In the spirit of forgiveness and with the recognition that all this losing addles the idle mind, we should forgive the dissembling and wish Mrs. Clinton well. A confirmed loser is not worth much worry.



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