- The Washington Times
Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sen. Kamala Harris said Thursday that President Trump needs to realize this investigation into his campaign’s alleged collusion with the Russians is “not a game show.”

“I think the president should figure out that this is not a game show and that Bob Mueller is the right person at the right time, and should be left to lead this investigation and take him where the facts lead him so the American people can find out what happened,” Ms. Harris, California Democrat, said on MSNBC.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was appointed Wednesday by Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to lead the investigation as a special counsel.

Ms. Harris sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is leading one of the investigations into accusations of the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russia.

The senator said she’s also been frustrated by the pace of the investigation and believes that Mr. Mueller will help further the process.

“I’ve been frustrated by the pace. I believe that we need to get to the truth at a quicker pace,” she said. “I have been calling for months now that we also have a special counsel, a special prosecutor, overseeing the case, and I’m glad that’s finally been done.”

Ms. Harris said she hopes Mr. Trump will not interfere with the investigation and will restore the public’s trust in him.

“The people of the United States have vested in president the public trust, and he must earn that, and right now he’s not,” she said.


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