- The Washington Times
Thursday, May 18, 2017

The cast of “Saturday Night Live” has a volunteer for its next iteration of President Trump if actor Alec Baldwin steps down: Johnny Depp.

The star of Disney’s upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” sat down with Ellen DeGeneres Thursday and said he is prepared to reprise his role as the commander in chief. Mr. Depp previously portrayed the billionaire in a February 2016 Funny or Die film called “Art of the Deal.”

“Nobody can be more presidential. It’s fabulous,” Mr. Depp told the “Ellen” crowd while imitating the president, THR reported. “I just love the fact that he’s unable, even worse than me, to even form a sentence that becomes vocabulary that actually works together.”

Mr. Depp, 53, surprised Ms. DeGeneres when he said he has never seen the popular “SNL” skits but said “sure” when asked if he would accept the role.

“Basically, Alec’s done all of the work,” the actor said. “I can just copy him.”

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