Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Don’t miss seeing these pics. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz published “Spectacular historic aerial shots of pre-state Israel revealed” —a collection of aerial photographs from 1937.

World magazine’s Jamie Dean responded to the 2016 Christian bestsellers list by asking for recommendations of better fare. Here are their replies.: “Christian leaders offer better reading options than last year’s Christian bestsellers

A zoning board in New Jersey “Turns down Muslim Community Center” — making sure to clarify that it was a zoning issue, not a religious issue.

The Trump administration tried to strike a deal with Planned Parenthood, but to no avail.

Trump reportedly confirmed Monday to The New York Times that an informal proposal was made to Planned Parenthood offering to maintain federal funding — about $500 million each year — if the organization ended abortion procedures. Sources told the newspaper that White House officials even suggested there could be an increase in that funding if they accepted the deal.

Finally, the folks at Americans United for Separation of Church and State are up in arms, declaring a “States Of Emergency: Legislation that threatens church-state separation is pending in half the country.

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