Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I don’t want Ryancare, I don’t want Trumpcare and I definitely do not want Obamacare. The latter has wrecked the economy and therefore many people’s livelihoods. House Speaker Paul Ryan says we have to save the system. What system? Ryan says he’s been working on it for 20 years. That just makes him even more of a fool.

It really is so simple. Return medical care to the private sector in a nationwide marketplace. That’s the new part: a nationwide marketplace. At least 80 percent of Americans would find what they needed and could afford, with ever-better quality of care. Let’s call it “Freedomcare.” Insurance companies have never been the problem; that’s anti-business propaganda. The problem has always been government corruption and meddling — specifically, mandates.

Just keep the market open and free (no price fixing) and it will all fall into place. That’s capitalism — the system that created the highest standard of living in history — at work. Hard cases can be dealt with by government meddling. We can give that assignment to Ryan.


Salt Lake City

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