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Saturday, June 3, 2017

OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - List of Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association winners.

Best in Show-Radio:

WDEL-FM/AM, Wilmington, Delaware, “Howard High School Tragedy,” by WDEL staff.

Best in Show-Television:

Voice of America-TV, Washington, “American Muslim Portraits,” by Carolyn Presutti, Bezhan Hamdard, Jeff Swicord and Mike Burke.

Nonmetro Radio:

Spot News Reporting: Don Rush, WSCL/WSDL, Salisbury, Maryland, “Donald Trump on the Eastern Shore.”

Coverage of a Continuing Story: WFMD-AM, Frederick, Maryland, “Medical Cannabis.”

News Series: Don Rush, WSCL/WSDL, “Ruth Starr Rose.”

Use of Sound: Don Rush, WSCL/WSDL, “Beat the Heat.”

Talk Show: Susan Monday, WXDE-FM, Milford, Delaware, “Teenager Dies After a Girl Fight in a Delaware High School Bathroom.”

Editorial or Commentary: George Merrill, WSCL/WSDL, “Political Myths.”

Public Affairs: Donna Cole, WNAV-AM, Annapolis, Maryland, “1430 Connection: Maj. Gen. Linda Singh.”

Documentary/In-depth Reporting: Don Rush and Charito Calvachi-Mateyko, WSCL/WSDL, “Dreamers.”

Sports Feature: Don Rush and Matt Forney, WSCL/WSDL, “Salisbury, Md., University Stadium.”

Feature or Human Interest Story: Don Rush, WSCL/WSDL, “Gills Neck Shopping Center Battle.”

Multimedia/Online Journalism: Emil Gallina, WNAV, “USNA Plebe Parade.”

Year-round Local Sports: Wiley Baker, WNAV, “Local Sports Coverage by Wiley Baker.”

Website: WFMD, “”

Newscast: WFMD, “4:30 PM Newscast, Nov. 22, 2016.”

News Operation: Jane Schlegel, WNAV, “WNAV News Operation.”

Baltimore-Wilmington Metro Radio:

Spot News Reporting: WBAL-AM, Baltimore, “Deadly MTA Bus Crash.”

Coverage of a Continuing Story: WDEL-FM/AM, Wilmington, Delaware, “Howard High School Tragedy.”

News Series: Julius White, WEAA-FM, Baltimore, “The Inauguration of Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh.”

Use of Sound: Jonna McKone, WYPR-FM, Baltimore, “Teaching Baltimore: Third-graders Learn a Complex History.”

Talk Show: Rick Jensen, WDEL, “The Rick Jensen Show.”

Public Affairs: WDEL, “WDEL Town Hall: What’s Next for Delaware?”

Specialty Reporting: Rachel Baye, WYPR, “Baltimore’s Fight Against Sewage Spills, 14 Years and Counting.”

Documentary/In-depth Reporting: Amy Cherry, WDEL, “WDEL Investigates: County Corruption.”

Enterprise Reporting: Amy Cherry, WDEL-FM, “WDEL Investigates: Back Taxes Owed.”

Feature or Human Interest Story: Jonna McKone, WYPR, “The Value of Carrying a BB Gun in Baltimore.”

Best Reporter: Amy Cherry, WDEL

Year-round Local Sports: WDEL, “WDEL Sports.”

Website: WDEL, “”

Newscast: WDEL, “Delaware’s Morning News.”

News Operation: WDEL, “WDEL.”

Washington Metro Radio:

Spot News Reporting: WTOP-FM, “Westfield Mall Shooting.”

Coverage of a Continuing Story: WMAL-AM, “Metro Shutdown.”

News Series: J.J. Green, WTOP, “Guarding the Gateway.”

Use of Sound: Brennan Haselton, WTOP, “Vintage Game Night.”

Talk Show: Debra Feinstein and Mark Lewis, WTOP, “Ask the Governor (blizzard edition).”

Editorial or Commentary: Chris Core, WTOP, “Core Values.”

Public Affairs: Neal Augenstein, Max Smith and Dave Dildine, WTOP, “Crumbling Capital.”

Specialty Reporting: Rachel Nania, WTOP, “Rachel Nania.”

Documentary/In-depth Reporting: Neal Augenstein, Michelle Basch and Paula Wolfson, WTOP, “Before Flint.”

Enterprise Reporting: Neal Augenstein, WTOP, “911, Please Hold.”

Sports Feature: Michelle Basch, WTOP, “Super Divas.”

Feature or Human Interest Story: Kristi King, WTOP, “Sip ‘N Shop.”

Multimedia/Online Journalism: Dave Dildine, WTOP, “Ghost Bridges.”

Best Reporter: Michelle Basch, WTOP.

Year-round Local Sports: WTOP, “WTOP-FM, Washington, DC Sports.”

Website: WTOP, “”

Newscast: WTOP, “July 29, 2016 5 p.m.”

News Operation: WTOP, “WTOP-FM, Washington, DC.”

Digital News Project: Neal Augenstein, Michelle Basch and Paula Wolfson, WTOP, “Before Flint.”

Digital Feature Project: Omama Altaleb, WTOP, “Cup O’ Joe.”

Nonmetro TV:

Photography : Taylor Rogers, WBOC, Salisbury, Maryland, “Outstanding Photography: Taylor Rogers.”

Public Affairs: Emily Lampa, Josh Lynch and Mike Lawrence, WMDT, Salisbury, Maryland, “Tiny Tick: Big Controversy 2.”

Specialty Reporting: Travis Michels and Darryl Baxter, WMDT, “Weather Wise.”

Documentary/In-depth Reporting: Emily Lampa, Mike Lawrence and Nick Waligorski, WMDT, “Waiting For Justice: Trial Delays.”

Sports Feature: Julian Sadur, WMDT, “From Pocomoke to the NBA.”

Feature or Human Interest Story: Steve Hammond and Taylor Rogers, WBOC, “The Search for Amelia Earhart.”

Best Meteorologist or Weathercaster: Daniel Johnson, WMDT, “Meteorologist Daniel Johnson.”

Video Journalist/One-man Band Reporter : Justina Coronel, WMDT, “Last Lynching Anniversary.”

Best Reporter: Denise Sawyer, WRDE, Lewes, Delaware

Year-round Local Sports: Matthew Pencek, WBOC, “Outstanding Year-Round Local Sports.”

Website: WMDT, “”

Newscast: Emily Stern, John Dearing and Ron Krisulevicz, WBOC, “WBOC-TV, Salisbury, Md. NEWS AT 6.”

News Operation: Ron Krisulevicz, John Dearing and Joe Carmean, WBOC, “WBOC-TV, Salisbury, Md. Outstanding News Operation.”

Baltimore-Wilmington TV:

Spot News Reporting: Kathleen Cairns and Jed Gamber, WBFF, Baltimore, “Candy Bar Bomber.”

Coverage of a Continuing Story: Tim Tunison and WBAL news team, WBAL, Baltimore, “Deadly Bus Crash.”

News Series: Joy Lepola and Paul McGrew, WBFF, “Yearlong Carjacking Spree.”

Photography : Jed Gamber, WBFF, “Jed Gamber Photography.”

Specialty Reporting: Jeff Abell and Brian Johnson, WBFF, “Reviewing the Reviews.”

Documentary/In-depth Reporting: Kelly Groft, Jamie Costello and Kelly Swoope, WMAR, Baltimore, “Community in Crisis: Chasing the High.”

Enterprise Reporting: Brian Kuebler, Tony Marsala and Lamont Williams, WMAR, “Sgt. Alicia White: in her own words.”

Sports Feature: Paul Gessler and Jed Gamber, WBFF, “Hockey in the Hood.”

Feature or Human Interest Story: Joy Lepola and Brian Johnson, WBFF, “I Hope He Gets a Chance.”

Video Journalist/One-man Band Reporter: Paul Gessler, WBFF, “Gessler Reporting Composite.”

Multimedia/Online Journalism: Joy Lepola and Paul McGrew, WBFF, “Goodson Trial & Top 5 Developments.”

Best Reporter: Joy Lepola, WBFF

Year-round Local Sports: Bruce Cunningham, Morgan Adsit, Paul Strzegowski and Andrew Huneke, WBFF, “FOX45 SPORTS.”

Website: Greg Ng, Saliqa Khan and Ron Snyder, WBAL, “”

News Operation: WBFF, “Fox45 Outstanding News Operation.”

Washington TV:

Spot News Reporting: Andrea McCarren and David Satchell, WUSA, “Amber Alert.”

Coverage of a Continuing Story: WJLA, “Silver Spring Explosion.”

News Series: Carla Babb and Michael Burke, Voice of America-TV, “The Air Force’s Quiet Crises.”

Photography: Kevin Drennen, WJLA, “Kevin Drennen Photography Compilation.”

Editorial or Commentary: Jim Vance, WRC, “Vance’s View.”

Public Affairs: News4 I-Team, WRC, “Back from the Dead: Saving a Life With an AED.”

Specialty Reporting: Susan Hogan, Patti Petitte and News4 Staff, WRC, “News4 Responds.”

Documentary/In-depth Reporting: Jay Korff and Kevin Drennen, WJLA, “Left Behind.”

Enterprise Reporting: News4 I-Team, WRC, “Slipping Through the Cracks.”

Sports Feature: Jan Jeffcoat, Will Cockey and Loriston Sindass, WUSA, “Drafted: Sean Davis and His Journey to the NFL.”

Feature or Human Interest Story: Lesli Foster, Stephanie Wilson and Christopher Mullen, WUSA, “The Long Goodbye.”

Best Meteorologist or Weathercaster: Doug Kammerer, WRC, “Storm Team4: Blizzard of 2016.”

Video Journalist/One-man Band Reporter: Mike Carter-Conneen, WJLA, “Mike Carter-Conneen Compilation.”

Best Reporter: Jay Korff, WJLA.

Website: Wendy Warren and NBC4 Staff, WRC, “”

Newscast: WRC-TV, “News4 at 11.”

News Operation: WRC, “NBC4: Working 4 You.”

Digital News Project: Wendy Warren and NBC4 Staff, WRC, “National Museum of African American History and Culture.”

Digital Feature Project: Carolyn Presutti, Bezhan Hamdard, Jeff Swicord and Mike Burke, Voice of America-TV, “American Muslim Portraits.”

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