Thursday, June 22, 2017


It was the most expensive House race in American history. GA06’s 2017 special election is not one we’re likely to forget anytime soon.

Over $50 million was spent between the candidates combined. Tens of millions of dollars were poured into Jon Ossoff’s campaign by Democrats, a campaign that still ended up losing to Karen Handel’s camp by almost 4 percentage points.

What does this say about the parties? The 2018 midterms? And, even more importantly, what does this say about American congressional elections in general? If the Democrats had spent another $10 million, could they have assured Ossoff a victory? $20 million? Should this concern us?

Some of these questions will forever remain unanswered and disputed. However, when it comes to the Republican and Democrat parties, it’s time to take another look at strategy and take a look forward to 2018.

Republicans have been winning, but that doesn’t mean they should stop improving upon their strategy. Democrats have been losing, yet don’t seem eager to rethink theirs. Is it time for an intervention?

The reality is that we live in a changing society. Both parties need to continue growing and adjusting with times if they want to win elections and provide meaningful results to their supporters. By becoming complacent, Republicans and Democrats will both lose the opportunity to truly produce messages and offer an overall vision to the American people that resonates and transcends.

With healthcare, tax reform and so much more still up in the air, only time will tell whether 2018 will shift the balance of power in Congress. Until then, what can we expect see?

Will we see The Democrats shift their messaging? Will the Republicans take on a more President Trump style of campaigning? Will any House midterm races outspend this year’s GA06 special election?

Only time will tell us the answers to these questions, but it is sure to be an interesting and critical election for our country. Our future hangs in the balance. Reach out to your political party today and be a part of the change you want to see in our nation.

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