- The Washington Times
Wednesday, June 14, 2017

ASHBURN — Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has navigated his contract situation with a good deal of savvy. He’s done this before, after all.

So, while praising Washington’s newly-promoted Vice President of Football Operations Eric Schaffer for his talent and tone as a negotiator, Cousins deftly reminded everyone Wednesday that he knows who really controls the purse-strings.

Eric has done a great job all along. He’s very smart, this isn’t his first rodeo so I have a lot of faith in him not only in my situation but when my situation is handled handling everybody else’s, you know, I have faith in that,” Cousins said.

“But make no mistake,” Cousins continued. “There are titles ahead of him, and those people make decisions too. So, yes, Eric has a big role but there are people above him with bigger roles and that’s why their titles are president and head coach and so on and so forth.”

Schaffer is highly intelligent and has a unique skillset and trusted opinion in Washington, but the money runs through owner Daniel Snyder and President Bruce Allen, and Cousins knows that. 

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