Thursday, July 6, 2017


Repeatedly, the question has been asked: should the president of the United States be tweeting?

With fake news stories and horrendous lies constantly being spread about President Trump, it is clearly important for him to have a way to communicate with us, the American people. As we know and have witnessed on multiple occasions, his words have been his absolute best defense against the fake news and the lies put out in an attempt to destroy and divide.

With Twitter serving as a fast and direct line of communication between the president and the American people, the president’s presence on Twitter has been accepted and promoted by many across the country. The truth is that we absolutely need to be hearing from the president himself and Twitter is just one of the various ways he reaches out to us. However, I think there is much more to this story when it comes to Twitter and its role in the Trump era. I think our analysis needs to go a step further.

Remember, we’re in the 21st century and part of living during this time includes rapid technological advancements and the constant use of social media. Twitter has become an important part of the everyday lives of millions of Americans. Yet, some still argue that President Trump should stay off of Twitter.

Let me blunt. You are wrong! I encourage President Trump and all elected officials moving forward to be active Twitter users.

Nowadays, many children have their own cellphones and even more teenagers are active on the social media platform. These young Americans are the future of this nation and some of them are our very youngest voters.

Why would we want our political leaders to avoid using the very outlets that are critical when it comes to communicating with millions of constituents?

Social media is going to remain an integral part of politics moving forward. We cannot compartmentalize and ignore the facts. American political leaders should not live in the past, but rather progress with the future.

Tweet away, Mr. President!

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