Thursday, July 27, 2017


When President Trump talked publicly about his frustrations with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, some were outraged. But is this not what we voted for? Transparency and honesty.

Instead of hiding behind closed doors and pretending everything is going perfectly, which is simply an unrealistic expectation for anything or anyone in life, President Trump is being transparent and honest with the American people. He is doing exactly what we had the expectation that he would do when we voted for him.

Let’s look at Attorney General Sessions specifically. The reality remains, unless there is something we don’t know about, which I don’t believe there is, Attorney General Sessions should not have recused himself over reported incidental contacts with Russian officials.

President Trump is frustrated with the situation with Attorney General Sessions. I understand why. On top of that, President Trump’s honesty about his current frustrations has helped to bring subjects to the forefront that seemed to be previously brushed under the rug. Case in point: the Hillary Clinton investigation.

33,000 missing emails from a destroyed home server that was located in Hillary Clinton’s personal house in New York when she was secretary of state for the United States of America. I don’t think I even need to tell you how clear it is that the Clinton investigation was never given proper attention by the Justice Department.

The point President Trump is trying to make in many of his tweets about this in relationship to the Russia investigation is that there is still no evidence against him in this Russia investigation, but they continue to dig and dig and dig. Meanwhile, the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s actions were largely ignored. There was no special counsel, despite the media circus and clear mishandling of the investigation.

Imagine if they did the type of digging on Mrs. Clinton, someone on whom there is much evidence against, as they are doing on President Trump, someone on whom there is no evidence against to date. I think we’d be having a much different conversation.

The lack of a Clinton investigation reopening doesn’t mean Attorney General Sessions hasn’t been doing a great job in other areas of his job, including going after MS13 and sanctuary cities, which is why I feel President Trump has a tough decision to make moving forward regarding the continued employment of Attorney General Sessions.

At the very least, however, this all should raise questions: questions about Washington, questions about Attorney General Sessions and questions about the future of this nation.

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