- The Washington Times
Monday, July 17, 2017

Oh, bother! 

Beloved children’s cartoon character Winnie the Pooh has run afoul of China’s internet censors, the BBC’s China Blog reported Monday. 

“The Chinese name for and images of the plump, cute cartoon character are being blocked on social media sites here because bloggers have been comparing him to China’s president,” the website explained.

China Blog observed this isn’t the first time the honey-loving Pooh has embittered Beijing censors, but the renewed focus may well be because of an upcoming Communist Party congress, where President Xi Jinping hopes to further consolidate power.

“In order to stay on he will believe that he needs to ensure there are no cracks in the absolute loyalty he demands,” China Blog explained. “And, in this climate, there is seen to be no room for even the most frivolous challenges to his supreme authority.”

Last month, Chinese censors required Netflix to take down episodes of its original cartoon comedy series “BoJack Horseman” for unspecified reasons other than that “[a]djustments need to be made to the content.”

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