Monday, July 17, 2017

We are so honored coming here in Paris in such a special space where East meets the West. Where East meets the West under the umbrella of the Iranian spirit, and we all together dream about the future.

We all together are here for a simple reason: Words are words; acts and facts speak more than words.

The Albanian acts are telling you, my friends, that all relations between Albanians and Iranians now have a very special quality. Our 2,700 people that are part of the Albanian family, they are Albanian citizens. They are refugees that have come from Ashraf camp, but they are part of Albanian family.

These are the words that came from the heart of each of us, but the view that you have seen on the screen — thousands of people in Tirana applauding the meeting here today — speak more than everything, more than every speech, speak the truth, the real truth. That you never ever will be tired …

You are the example of what can happen when a man, when a woman, when a sister, when a parent, when the kids, believe to the relations with truth, believe to the freedom. Thank you very much.

Former Albanian Prime Minister Pandeli Majko also served as Albania’s Defense Minister and a Member of Parliament. This excerpt is taken from his remarks to the July 1 rally in Paris.

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