Monday, July 17, 2017

And now the next step is to free Iran. And regime change is up to the people of Iran, and that means you, that means the people who are in Albania, and it means Iranian dissidents in Iran, in Tehran, and all of the different cities….

But the United States has to stand firm and stand behind this movement. And I believe we will. Not only will we, because we do admire people who fight for their freedom, are willing to die for their freedom, we’ll stand behind you because it’s also in our self-interest. Because what will a free Iran ruled by Madame Rajavi mean to the Middle East? It will mean peace and security. It will mean an end to extremism. It will mean an end to Iran being a hotbed for terrorism. It will mean that women will no longer be persecuted….

In my public career, I have never felt a better feeling than knowing that my work and my energy somehow contributed in some small part to getting the people of Ashraf out of Iraq to safety. I’ve never felt prouder of anything I’ve done in my public career…

And when Madame Rajavi went over and placed that sign near the memorial saying the price of freedom, well, in Philadelphia, there’s a park called Washington Square Park … There are 2,000 dead colonial American soldiers under the ground in Washington Park. And there’s a monument, and it says, “Here lies evidence that the price of freedom isn’t free.” And I pledge to you today — and Madame Rajavi — I want her to understand that Americans — Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Americans, Progressives, Tea Party-ites, Americans from red states, blue states — we all stand behind her because all Americans have one thing in common. We’re behind you because you’re fighting for all the same things. Thank you.

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell also served as mayor of Philadelphia and chairman of the Democratic National Committee. This excerpt is from remarks he gave to the July 1 rally in Paris.

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