- The Washington Times
Friday, January 20, 2017

The leader of an alt-right group got sucker-punched in the face in the middle of an interview during Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony - and then he said he got spat on.

Richard Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute and advocate of forming a homeland for white nationalist, was giving an interview about the changing landscape of protests Friday when he started to get badgered by onlookers who suggested he was a “neo-nazi.”

Then a person dressed in black and most of his face covered sucker-punched Mr. Spencer on video.

“Say what you will about challenging someone to a fight over an ideological issue - there is at least something manly about it and there is something civilized about it in the sense that you go up to his face and say ‘let’s get into a fight,’” Mr. Spencer said on social media after the caught on camera assault. “These anti-fascist don’t do that. They sucker-punch people. They come out of nowhere. They try to knock you out. They failed to knock me out.”

“And then they run off like cowards,” he said.

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