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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A vegan eatery in Australia is charging male patrons an 18 percent surcharge as a way to protest that nation’s “gender wage gap.”

Handsome Her cafe in Melbourne, which just opened for business last week, announces its policy on a chalkboard inside the establishment, citing a statistic that the average Australian female worker earns 17.7 percent less than the average Australian male worker. The surcharge is donated to “a women’s service,” according to the cafe. 

Despite significant backlash on social media, the cafe’s owners appear determined to continue their gender-based surcharge, CNN reported, noting that the cafe reports men have patronized the cafe and donated money above and beyond the surcharge.

“We’ve had men travel across town to visit us and pay ‘the man tax’ and throw some extra in the donation jar,” owner Alex O’Brien wrote on Facebook, CNN said.

In addition to the gender surcharge, women are accorded “priority seating” in the eatery, a policy they also announce on a chalkboard inside the establishment.

“Men have their own spaces that we’re not allowed in to, so why not have that space for women?” said Handome Her manager Belle Ngien, according to CNN.

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