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Monday, August 7, 2017

“Yung Mazi,” a popular rapper who claimed that God made him “bulletproof” after surviving at least 11 shootings, died of gunshot wounds over the weekend.

Jabriel Abdurrahman, aka Yung Mazi, was killed on Sunday after exiting the “Urban Pie” pizza restaurant in Atlanta. The Kirkwood neighborhood crime happened across the street from a local police precinct.

“Police say they’re still trying to figure out who killed Yung Mazi,” Kaitlyn Ross of Atlanta’s NBC-11 Alive reported Sunday. “He had just been inside the restaurant picking up a pizza when someone came up onto the sidewalk and gunned him down.”

Authorities said they have “very little to go on” at this time.

Mr. Abdurrahman’s last previous shooting was at a Waffle House on Dec. 27, 2016.

“God made me bulletproof,” he tweeted after that incident, although the comment was later deleted.

“I’m a real dude, you know? People don’t always like the real dude for some reason … I might walk around with a quarter-million dollars worth of jewelry on,” the rapper said during a June 2016 interview when asked about the repeated attempts on his life.

Police said the suspect in Sunday’s killing ran west on Hosea L. Williams Drive after the shooting, a local CBS affiliate reported Monday.

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