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Monday, August 7, 2017

RICHMOND — Redskins cornerback Bashaud Breeland was kicked out of the team walkthrough Monday morning after getting overly physical with receiver Terrelle Pryor. 

There’s no real contact during a walkthrough, but Breeland jammed Pryor hard. Pryor took exception, the two were separated, and coach Jay Gruden was not pleased.

“Get another corner in here!” Gruden shouted, and Tevin Homer came in to replace Breeland, who tried to plead his case to no avail. 

Breeland wasn’t made to leave the field, but he stayed on the sideline for the rest of the Redskins walkthrough. Breeland wasn’t interested in speaking with reporters coming off the field once the walkthrough was finished.

A tweet of Breeland’s from Monday morning indicated that he was hearing the noise from his doubters. Breeland has had a so-so camp, having struggled with Terrelle Pryor’s size and Josh Doctson’s route running, but those are tough assignments. Breeland hasn’t made any huge errors, but he hasn’t made any big plays, either, while second-year corner Kendall Fuller has stood out.

On Sunday, there was a slightly awkward moment when Gruden was asked what kind of camp Breeland was having. 

“Um, good,” Gruden said, before a long pause. 

“He’s such a competitive guy,” Gruden said after figuring out what he wanted to say. “He gets in trouble sometimes, he’s so overly competitive, but for the most part, I like what he’s doing, man.”



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