Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Today we are facing a big threat caused by fanaticism and radicalism that should mobilize all the efforts of civil society, religious movements, international institutions, governments and political parties to stop it. But we need to go deeper into the causes of these threats and work very hard to put an end to political repression, while helping to create free societies with decent jobs… If we fail to do this, disruption will keep on causing instability, suffering, poverty, forced migration, refugees and xenophobia.

The expansion of Daesh, particularly, is at the origin of much of the instability provoked in countries around Syria and Iraq, but also in the European Union, causing divisions, tensions and selfishness while people that really need help and solidarity are still waiting for a solution for their lives.

Political leaders have the responsibility to place justice, solidarity, human dignity and human rights as values to guide their political actions.Therefore, political decisions all over the world should be courageous, honest and always putting human dignity as a priority for a much better and tolerant world.

Of course, United Nations has a crucial role to play… On the other hand, we all must appeal to a number of countries to abandon their cynicism in geopolitics, mainly those who block solutions that could lead to situations of peace and world stability. It’s the case of what happens in Syria or in Palestine, for instance.

The expansion of terrorism is causing huge regional instability we are facing the biggest refugee crisis since World War II, with more than 65 million displaced people.

European Union should make all efforts to persuade the countries now reluctant to accept their part of responsibility, sharing in a fair and balanced way the distribution of refugees It is not acceptable that thousands and thousands are still living in miserable camps, like in Calais, facing local hostility. It is not acceptable that more than 10,000 unaccompanied children have simply disappeared after arriving in Europe, feeding human trafficking or even to be used by terrorists.

Meanwhile, the fences that appeared in Europe are a shame for the world and should not exist. They are a symbol of human hate, no matter if they are built in European borders, in American borders, in Israel, or in any other parts of the world. I believe that the world will never be in peace while some of the most ancient conflicts are not solved, like in Israel and Palestine.

The efforts to create two nations living side by side, in peace and security, in respect of each other’s sovereignty, should really be a priority for a better world.

I believe the aim of a global peace should be deeply rooted in political decisions, actions and speeches of all governments and regional and global institutions…. If it happens, it would also be much easier to mobilize citizens for tolerance, respect for human rights, and for a sustainable peace, which are conditions to a real economic and social well-being, security and development for everybody in the world.

The Honorable Paulo Pisco is a member of the Assembly of the Republic (Portugal). These excerpts are from his address to the Sept. 7-9 International Leadership Conference in London.

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