Thursday, November 10, 2016


Here’s what I will tell my five children about the historic election of 2016: We fought for the soul of our nation.

We fought to save the Supreme Court from falling into the hands of activist liberal judges. We fought for our religious liberties — liberties being endangered every day by a government pushing a leftist agenda targeting our religious institutions. We fought for the unborn, who the left believes have no rights even if they are viable outside the womb. We fought for conservative pro-family and pro-faith values — values that were being stripped by the government amid a campaign trying to shame us for our religious beliefs.

In this election, we stood up to the constant attacks and name-calling from the Democrats, who believed that denigrating Trump supporters as racists, sexists, xenophobes and bigots was a winning strategy. We fought for the American worker, whose voice was clearly heard in this election. We fought against the Washington, Hollywood, New York and liberal media elites who were solely focused on destroying Donald Trump and the conservative movement he inspired.

The elitists thought that they were morally justified in criticizing millions of Americans for supporting a candidate who was an outsider. They might have the platform, but on Tuesday Americans exercised both their right to vote and their power to change the course of their nation’s history.

I will tell my children that Mr. Trump and Gov. Pence heard the voices of millions of frustrated Americans who felt left behind in the political process, the forgotten working-class Americans who built our nation with their own hands. They listened, proposed a vision and came up with solutions, while the other party pointed fingers and dismissed Trump supporters as “deplorables.”

What I will tell my children is that to win an election, policies and issues are more important than name-calling. Solutions and ideas should come from the bottom up, generated by local communities and not mandated from Washington. The government and politicians should listen to the people instead of preaching from their secular pulpits on how the rest of us should live our lives.

While it was an ugly election with many low points, Mr. Trump fought hard and shared a vision of America’s renewed greatness in a country where we have secure borders and an immigration system that works for all.

I will tell my children that Mr. Trump fought for the little guy, for the mom and pop in Erie County who lost all hope. While Mr. Trump was far from perfect, he stood by people of faith who love America.

I know the liberals suffered a devastating and unexpected political defeat. As conservatives, we know the feeling all too well, and it’s never easy to process. But I have new hope for an America that, with a united government and the leadership of President Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, can find a way to ensure that our religious liberties are protected, that our nation is kept safe and that our economy thrives.

Tens of millions of Americans on Tuesday chose the outsider whose basic message was that it is Washington that needs to change, not the core values that made this country great in the first place.

I will tell my children that, after an ugly election, as Americans we now must unite, but that it’s also OK to exercise our right to peaceful protest. And I will tell my children to never give up and to always believe in miracles, because election night was in so many ways historic, unexpected and — yes — miraculous.

Mercedes Schlapp is a Fox News contributor, co-founder of Cove Strategies and former White House director of specialty media under President George W. Bush.

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