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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, a 2012 GOP presidential candidate, said Tuesday that there are indeed similarities between GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump and Democratic contender Sen. Bernard Sanders, but that both candidates are off in their policy prescriptions.

“In many ways, Sanders and Trump are similar, but they’re different in the solutions,” Mr. Paul said on CNN. “Sanders, you know, is blaming too much freedom, too much free market so he wants socialism.”

Trump understands the system very well and young people are unhappy, but Trump has worked within the system,” Mr. Paul said. “He’s been part of the deep state that controls [the] politics, but he speaks frankly to ‘em and the young people are looking for answers.”

Mr. Trump has said recently he thinks Mr. Sanders‘ supporters will eventually come around to back his own campaign, while Mr. Sanders has said he’ll fight as hard as he can to stop Mr. Trump from reaching the White House if he fails in his own bid for the Democratic nomination.

“Unfortunately, the two of them are addressing the problem and describing it, but both of ‘em come up with the wrong answer,” Mr. Paul said. “Right now, I think Sanders is getting a lot of support, but he’s going in the absolute opposite direction, because as far as the libertarians are concerned, it’s too much government, too much interference, too much control of the markets, too many special interests.”

Mr. Paul reiterated that he would not vote for Mr. Trump in the fall election if Mr. Trump wins the GOP nomination, calling him a “very, very strong authoritarian.”

He also said he couldn’t support Sen. Ted Cruz, calling Mr. Cruz “way too authoritarian” and saying the Texas senator “over-emphasizes his religion.”

Mr. Paul said he would probably vote for a libertarian or independent candidate if the matchup is Mr. Trump versus Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

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