- The Washington Times
Monday, May 23, 2016

The Big Three networks are still very much a friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

“Despite more evidence that The Clinton Foundation was used as a slush fund to enrich the Clintons and their cronies, the Big Three networks — ABC, CBS, NBC — have all but stopped covering the scandal swirling around the Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s charitable organization,” writes Geoffrey Dickens, an analyst for the Media Research Center, a conservative press watchdog.

Mr. Dickens reviewed morning and evening newscasts on the three networks from Jan. 1 through May 20 to find that they spent a total of four minutes and 24 seconds on what the press billed as “charity fraud.” Indeed, a Wall Street Journal story reported the Clinton Global Initiative set up “a financial commitment that benefited a for-profit company part-owned by people with ties to the Clintons.”

The analyst’s study found that ABC News — which employs former Clinton administration spokesman and actual Clinton Foundation donor George Stephanopoulos — offered no coverage at all of the situation.

CBS devoted only one minute and 11 seconds to The Clinton Foundation scandal, while NBC offered the most amount of time — just over three minutes.

“In contrast, a decades-old controversy of Donald Trump pretending to be his own publicist garnered eight times more coverage (38 minutes and 2 seconds) in just four days,” Mr. Dickens says, pointing out that this negative coverage took place in a three-day period.

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