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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A video of an abortionist-turned-pro-life activist graphically describing a second-trimester abortion has gone viral.

The four-minute video, released by ​pro-life group ​Live Action on Feb. 2​3​, has garnered more than a quarter-million shares on Facebook and nearly 2.3 million views on YouTube.

The video, which features an animated explanation of a second-trimester surgical abortion, is narrated by Dr. Anthony Levatino, who said he performed over 1,200 abortions before having a road to Damascus moment.

“One day, after completing one of those abortions, I looked at the remains of a pre-born child whose life I had ended, and all I could see was someone’s son or daughter,” Dr. Levatino says in the video. “I came to realize that killing a baby at any stage of pregnancy for any reason is wrong.”

The video is part of a series by Live Action explaining different abortion procedures at different stages of gestation.​

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