Wednesday, June 29, 2016

In an industry where dealers come and go, Goldline has been helping people buy and sell precious metals for more than half a century.

The company’s longevity is a testament to its singular commitment to treat its clients as the most valuable asset.

Goldline defines its commitment in 10 key ways:

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Goldline is committed to providing clients with transparent and honest pricing that is spelled out in black and white. Through Goldline’s unique TrueCostSM Pricing, verbal and written trade confirmations on every purchase of $1,000 or more provide the ask (selling) price, the current bid (buyback price) and the percent the bid price must increase to break even.


The precious metals industry is largely unregulated. Goldline takes pride in its corporate governance, annual audits and compliance with national and state telemarketing laws.

Goldline is a board member of the precious metals industry’s leading trade organization, the Industry Council of Tangible Assets (ICTA).

Goldline is also a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE), a nonprofit professional trade association that focuses on corporate responsibility, integrity and best practices in meeting regulatory requirements.


Detailed information is essential before making any significant decision. Goldline provides an Account Agreement that contains the terms and conditions of purchases and liquidations, and a Risk Disclosure Booklet that clearly spells out details and risks* associated with purchasing precious metals. These documents are on the Goldline website and in a free Investor Kit. A Goldline Client Concierge department also stands ready to answer questions.


Before finalization of any purchase of $1,000 or more with Goldline, the purchase is confirmed with a Customer Service Representative (who is independent from the sales team) to ensure that details of the purchase are understood. Each confirmation is recorded to confirm that details are correct. A written trade confirmation includes the ask price, current bid price and the percent the bid price must increase to break even — and is provided promptly after the purchase is confirmed.


Only Goldline offers the breadth of trademarked price protection programs for qualifying purchases. These include Goldline’s industry-first Price Shield, which secures the price of qualifying purchases for up to one year; the Two-Way Price Guarantee Program, which protects a qualifying purchase from both short-term upside and downside market movements; and Express IRA program, which allows the purchase of precious metals before the IRA is funded. In as little as one business day, a self-directed IRA can be established and completed via electronic signature.


Having a trusted dealer when it’s time to liquidate precious metals is an important consideration. Although dealers are prohibited from guaranteeing a buyback, Goldline has a well-documented history of repurchasing the precious metals it sells. Also, Goldline’s buyback process is easy to understand, carries a one percent liquidation fee, and can handle liquidation transactions of all sizes. Final payment is sent within three business days of liquidation and the Goldline website provides daily information on buybacks to ensure transparency and accountability.


Quality assurance is paramount. Goldline orders are double-checked before shipping, and tracked via video cameras from fulfillment through shipping to ensure the accuracy of the order.


Goldline is ready and available to answer questions promptly. Goldline has a dedicated toll-free number to its Client Concierge department, where questions about special account status, refunds, delivery, compliance and other issues can be addressed. Personal Account Executives are available to assist clients throughout the process.


Goldline offers exclusive bullion products minted by some of the world’s finest mints. Each exclusive bullion product (whether coin or bar) is guaranteed for its weight and purity by the issuing mint and may be held in a precious metals IRA. Goldline’s exclusive, limited production coins commemorate historic events. Goldline is also the exclusive dealer of the Legal Tender Bar and Legal Tender Unit, revolutionary products that offer the same benefits as legal tender coins.


Purchasing precious metals can be a significant undertaking with a number of details associated with it. Goldline excels at taking care of those details: From free shipping and insured delivery (some shipments are self-insured by Goldline) to keeping investors informed with current news related to the precious metals industry, Goldline is determined to win and keep clients’ trust and business for the long term.

Goldline encourages all of its clients to perform their due diligence and read its Risk Disclosure Booklet and Account Agreement carefully before acquiring precious metals.

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