Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Time and again, investors have turned to gold and precious metals when economies falter. That is because acquiring these metals at any level provides diversity to a portfolio and infuses it with a tangible and recognized “safe haven” asset.

Goldline offers its clients exclusive, groundbreaking price guarantee programs aimed at protecting clients from short-term upside and downside market movements.

“Goldline is proud to continually offer innovative price protection programs so our clients can buy precious metals with confidence,” said Brian R. Crumbaker, Goldline’s Chief Executive Officer.

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The Two-Way Price Guarantee Program protects clients from both short-term upside and downside market movements. If the selling price of Goldline’s exclusive bullion coins increases or falls within the stated period, clients may acquire additional bullion products at the original selling price or re-price their coins.

Under the PurchasePlusSM price guarantee program, clients who have reached a threshold for their purchases of Goldline exclusive bullion products will receive the benefits of Goldline’s Two-Way Price Guarantee Program for every subsequent purchase of exclusive bullion, regardless of the amount purchased.

“With the addition of PurchasePlusSM, the more exclusive coins and bars our clients acquire, the more they are protected,” Crumbaker added.

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