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Thursday, July 28, 2016

PHILADELPHIA — Sen. Tim Kaine on Thursday mocked Donald Trump for criticizing Mr. Kaine’s record in the state of New Jersey on Wednesday, joking that people should give a break to someone so ill-informed and so new to politics.

“Yesterday, he said I was a lousy governor in New Jersey,” Mr. Kaine said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“And he’s right — I wasn’t even ever governor in New Jersey. I was governor of Virginia,” he said. “But look, basic civics — there’s 50 states and stuff like that.”

“You got to give a guy a break who’s only into politics for the last month or two and not that well-informed,” said Mr. Kaine, the 2016 Democratic vice presidential nominee.

Mr. Trump did indeed refer to New Jersey multiple times when criticizing Mr. Kaine Wednesday.

“Her running mate, Tim Kaine, who by the way, did a terrible job in New Jersey,” Mr. Trump said Wednesday. “First act he did in New Jersey was ask for a $4 billion tax increase. … He was not very popular in New Jersey, and he still isn’t.”

Former New Jersey Gov. Tom Kean, a Republican, has a similar-sounding name.

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