Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Will you be angry with us forever?

Will you prolong your anger through all generations?

Will you not revive us again,

that your people may rejoice in you?

Show us your unfailing love, Lord,

and grant us your salvation.

(Psalm 85:5-7)

When I travel to churches across America I meet thousands who tell me they feel discouraged, concerned, and afraid for the future of America. They often ask, “Where is our hope?”

I understand why so many feel that way. The news is filled with a continual stream of darkness: Political scandals; acts of violence; social confusion; people suffering. Stories that stirred previous generations to action now leave most of us shrugging our shoulders. The outrageous has become commonplace.

If you are feeling exhausted by all of this political mudslinging and moral decay—and if you’re searching for hope in a world that sometimes seems hopeless—then I encourage you to join me for a special live event on October 18th in movie theaters across the nation.

It’s called REVIVE US.

We’ve assembled an incredible group of people to help you see that there is hope. In fact, there is one time-tested strategy that has always worked in every generation, on every continent, and never failed to revive nations- morally, spiritually, and economically.

Do you know what it is?

Let’s first agree on what it is not. Our hope does not come from who is our next president or on the Supreme Court. Our hope does not come from who governs us, or in the laws they pass. No, our hope comes from only one place: the power of God working in the hearts of people—dads and moms, families, churches, communities—reviving a culture from the bottom up, and the inside out.

As people of faith, we must spend the weeks between now and the election focused on one thing: putting God front and center in our own lives and electing leaders who will reflect His ways in our land.

This presidential election is ostensibly between Trump and Clinton. But, in reality, this election is not really about choosing between left or right, but between up or down. Up, to maximum freedom and prosperity for everyone through responsible self-government under God, or down, down, down, to a government system controlled by elites that determines our quality of life from cradle to grave.

I’ve heard a lot of people—on both sides of the political spectrum—talking about the role of our next president as if we were electing a king—someone who can snap their fingers and solve all the problems we face. Do you really want a government with that kind of power? Do you want to place that much trust and control in the hands of one fallible person?

Our founding fathers knew better.

We don’t need a king; we already have one. His name is Jesus Christ, and He wasn’t voted into office. He wasn’t elected by the media. He doesn’t need a publicist or a press secretary, and He always keeps His word.

Foreign policy? He’s the ruler of the nations. Border control? He gives every nation its boundary and says to the sea, “Here, and no further.”

Discrimination? He was treated as an outcast and crucified. Welfare? He feeds the hungry and cares for the needy.

Healthcare? He is the Great Physician who heals the sick and conquered the grave.

We don’t need a king; we already have the King of Kings.

What we need is to remember who we are and whose we are, and elect leaders who will represent His ways in our land.

That’s what REVIVE US on October 18th is all about: our true Hope, and placing Him front and center in our hearts and our minds as we look for the path forward. Without Him, all roads lead to despair and darkness.

The good news is that God’s method of change starts by transforming the heart of man, then the mind of man, and works its way out from there through the family, our neighbors, our churches, our schools, our businesses—all the way up to our nation’s top leaders. With God’s help, we can revive America and correct our course before we’re too lost to ever find our way home.

We kick it all off at REVIVE US by going to work on reviving our families, our communities, and our nation together. We’ll be broadcasting live from a historic church in downtown Chicago alongside my family and powerful special guests like Dr. Ben Carson, pastors Francis Chan and Dr. James MacDonald, authors Eric Metaxas and Jennifer Rothschild, and the beloved teacher of effective prayer, “Miss Clara”, from the inspirational movie War Room. We’ll also have amazing musical guests like the Vertical Church Band and Passion and that’s just the beginning!

Most importantly, you’ll be there. With your family and your neighbors.

This isn’t going to be another convention where everyone stands at a podium and recites from a teleprompter. We’ve already seen enough of that this year.

This will be an exciting, empowering, and interactive experience that reaffirms the values we share as Christians.

I hope your whole church attends Revive US together because I want to show you that we’re all part of a very, very large family of believers that reaches back thousands of years and stretches across the globe in unity.

This event is going to bring hundreds of thousands of people together. You’ll be there with family, you’ll meet new friends, and we’re going to connect you through technology with others in attendance across the country. This will be a night of inspiring speeches, powerful prayer, and empowering conversations conversations you will actively participate in. And, as the evening winds down, we’re going to have a Q&A where myself and the other speakers will answer your questions, hear your thoughts and discuss anything else that’s on your mind. Before it’s all over you’ll have time to gather as a community in your theater for prayer and discussion with other attendees.

My hope is that you walk out of the theater feeling full of hope and courage, and having made new connections with people in your community, empowered to change your world.

Please join my family and me for this very special live event on October 18th. Only through a powerful show of unity can we start the movement to revive America.

For more information or to learn how to buy tickets, visit www.ReviveUs2016.com.

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