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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Nancy Reagan’s jewelry collection is going on the auction block in late September, reported the Canadian newspaper the National Post on Wednesday, noting that the entire collection is estimated “in excess” of $2 million.

“The pieces, which range from from relatively subdued earrings to brooches whose full-throttle 1980s style might not translate to today, all carry estimates that barely crack $50,000,” said the National Post. “If those prices seem low, that’s because the estimates are based on the jewels’ market value; provenance is largely left off the table, even though provenance is what will attract many bidders to the sale in the first place.”

One particularly patriotic piece, a ring evoking the U.S. flag that is composed of rubies (red), diamonds (white) and sapphires (blue), is estimated between $5,000 and $8,000. 

According to the description for the item by Christie’s, “The origins of this ring, made by Bulgari, are unknown” but there is photographic evidence that she frequently wore it. “There’s a photo of her holding it to her chest, pledging allegiance to the flag, on the USS Iowa in New York’s harbor in 1986.”

Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute. To view the items up for bid and/or register for the online auction, visit Christies.com here.



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