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Monday, August 15, 2016

The sister of a Milwaukee man fatally shot by police over the weekend told a group Sunday that they should burn the suburbs down.

Sylville K. Smith was shot in the chest and arm by a black police officer on Saturday, which prompted violent protests, looting, and arson. One of Mr. Smith’s sisters, Sherelle, was caught on video at the charred remains of a BP gas station telling a crowd to set the suburbs ablaze.

“You’re burning down s—- we need in our community. Take that s—- to the suburbs! Burn that s—- down!” she screamed in video shared by a Twitter user identified as DeeconX. The story was then picked up by news aggregator website Weasel Zippers.

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Mr. Smith’s other sister, Kimberly Neal, told the same crowd that violence was not the answer.

“At the end of the day, acting out ain’t gonna solve it,” she said, a local Fox News affiliate reported. “We tired of it. We tired.”

Four officers were injured Saturday night and 17 people were arrested.


Mayor Tom Barrett announced a 10 p.m. weeknight curfew Monday for teenagers to stem another outbreak of violence in the city’s Sherman Park neighborhood.

Authorities arrested 14 people Sunday during a night that experienced 30 instances of gunfire. Police Chief Edward Flynn said 48 instances of gunfire occurred Saturday night.

“The individuals who are doing this are making it more difficult — not less difficult — to attract investments and jobs in the very neighborhoods where we need them the most,” Mr. Barrett said, Fox News reported Monday.

Police said Mr. Smith, 23, was shot while turning toward an officer with a gun in his hand. Chief Flynn said that video from an unidentified officer’s body camera showed the officer who fired the shots had acted “within lawful bounds.”

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

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