- The Washington Times
Saturday, April 9, 2016

The U.S. Consulate in Turkey issued an emergency warning to Americans traveling in the country on Saturday, informing them of “credible threats” to tourist areas.

The emergency message said there had been credible threats to public squares and docks in Istanbul and Antalya.

“Please exercise extreme caution if you are in the vicinity of such areas,” the warning says.

The warning was issued a day after Israel’s counterterrorism bureau urged all Israelis to avoid Turkey. “There are immediate risks of attacks being carried out in the country, and we stress the threat applies to all tourism sites in Turkey,” the alert said.

Last month, the State Department and the Pentagon ordered the families of U.S. diplomats and military personnel to leave posts in southern Turkey because of security concerns.

The Islamic State terrorist group and Kurdish militants have claimed a number of attacks in Turkey in recent months.

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