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Friday, April 8, 2016

Parents are outraged after a Florida middle school teacher asked students to fill out a questionnaire titled ‘How privileged are you?”

The form was handed out to children in a Spanish class at Monroe Middle School in Tampa and asked students to identify their religion, sexuality and mental health status.

One parent, Regina Stiles, told a local CBS affiliate that her daughter had to reveal that she has ADHD while completing the assignment.

“She has ADHD and apparently the teacher said there are some kids in this class that have ADHD, and ADHD is a mental illness, and that’s why she circles that,” Ms. Stiles said. “To me, ADHD is not a mental disability. It’s something she has.”

Students were asked to circle their race and sex — a normal component of school questionnaires — but were also asked to circled their religions, gender and sexual orientation.

Options listed under the gender category included “cisgender,” “transgendered,” and “genderqueer.”

Under the sexuality category, students could choose from “straight,” “homosexual (gay or lesbian),” “bisexual,” “asexual” or “pansexual.”

“She’s 12. Some of these things should be taught at home,” Mr. Styles told CBS.

“I try to maintain my child’s innocence as long as possible,” she added.

The school’s principal launched an investigation after Ms. Stiles and several other parents complained.

“This is not a district form, this is a teacher-generated form and it was without principal consent and at the district level we do not collect that information,” said Hillsborough County School spokeswoman Tanya Arja.

The students were not required to turn in the forms, and the teacher says the goal of the assignment was to teach kids about diversity and inequality through literature the students had been reading, CBS reported.

The teacher, who has not been named, has been pulled from the classroom pending the school district’s investigation.

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