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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Former Texas Rep. Ron Paul said Thursday he agrees with GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump that the system is “rigged” — but said it’s actually rigged in Mr. Trump’s favor at this point.

“I do agree with Trump that the system is rigged, but right now it’s rigged in his favor,” Mr. Paul said on Fox Business Network.

A rule passed for the 2012 GOP convention that’s gotten a considerable amount of attention says a candidate has to gain support from a majority of delegates in at least eight states in order to get their name put in for the party’s presidential nomination.

Allies of Mr. Paul have said the rule was passed in order to minimize the former congressman’s role at the 2012 convention and make the nomination of 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney go more smoothly.

“The advantage goes to the leader, and he is the leader, so he is representing the so-called party,” Mr. Paul said. “So they’re rigged in his favor, keeping out the challengers.”

“This time, though, the challengers are those who want an establishment Republican, so in a way, the rigging has benefited him tremendously,” he said.

In criticizing the GOP delegate process as “rigged,” Mr. Trump has cited the delegates Sen. Ted Cruz won in states like Colorado and Wyoming, where conventions were held instead of primaries or caucuses.

“But I don’t agree with him on arguing that pluralities should give you all the delegates, otherwise you just squeeze any challenger out,” Mr. Paul said.

Mr. Paul said Republicans risk turning off Trump supporters if Mr. Trump gets close to the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the nomination and they try to change the rules then.

“In my case, I had less numbers, but the people who supported me were very, very energetic, and I don’t think they went to the polls and probably made a difference and I think it helped defeat Romney, the fact that they didn’t treat us right and fairly,” Mr. Paul said.

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