Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Oregon college murders instantly became fodder for gun control propaganda and fanaticism. That gets in the way of lessons that we should be learning.

Families should be learning lessons about absent fathers, which can create alienation of children, especially sons. Media should be learning that sensational coverage will provoke more violence, not quell it.

President Barack Obama angrily called for gun control even before we knew most details about the Oregon murders. Mr. Obama was silent about Christians being singled-out by the killer, an omission which undercut the president’s claims of compassion.

But Mr. Obama plans to create gun control measures by himself. The White House says its “executive action” on guns will bypass Congress, raising serious constitutional and Second Amendment questions.

The father of the accused killer blamed guns but not his son. The dad did not mention that he abandoned his son and the mother, reportedly before their child was born some 26 years ago.

In their rush to blame the weapon, most media ignore other causes. Several social scientists say it’s a common pattern that mass killers usually had no significant father figure in their lives.

Studies going back decades demonstrate that mass killers are motivated by finally becoming a “somebody,” gaining headlines by spraying death and then committing suicide to escape criminal punishment.

That means that sensational media coverage helps to cause mass murders by encouraging copycat killings. To his credit, the sheriff who handled the Umpqua Community College murders refuses to utter the shooter’s name, denying him some of the notoriety he craved.

But the gun control crowd claims the answer is disarming law-abiding people. They look for scapegoats and grow fanatical.

One left-leaning newspaper claims the National Rifle Association should be designated a terrorist organization and punished.

Gun control advocates are getting fanatic. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says Mr. Obama should shut down the whole federal government until Congress restricts gun rights.

Hillary Rodham Clinton wants to hit gun makers with heavy fines and lawsuits whenever someone is killed with a gun, and says she will bypass Congress to do that.

Yet automobiles kill more people than guns do, but nobody says automakers should pay whenever there is an auto death.

What does the public say? They recognize that guns remain the ultimate tool of self-defense (especially for women pitted against a larger attacker). People are voting with their pocketbooks. Firearms sales are at record highs and the stocks of gun makers are up as much as 70 percent this year.

We won’t fix America’s problems until we quit chasing phony solutions. Real solutions don’t start with restricting the rights of law-abiding people. Real solutions start when we focus on the breakdown of families and morality.

And the media must realize that its role should not be limited to promoting the left’s dogma of undoing the Second Amendment. They do more than cover events; they also influence them. 

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