Friday, October 16, 2015

After days of tension on the Syrian-Turkish border between the Russian expeditionary force and Turkish aircraft, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance, Turkey says that it has downed an unidentified, unmanned vehicle, or drone, which had flown approximately two kilometers inside Turkish airspace. American officials have said it is most likely a Russian drone.

Russian officials deny that any of their aircraft were shot down and said all aircraft returned to their base.

Turkey said it warned the drone three times per international law before firing and destroying the aircraft.

The Guardian reports that Turkey has also reported unidentified aircraft and Syria-based missile air defence systems harassing its warplanes several times in recent months.

The facts on the ground and in the air seem to be seeing increased tension with the forces of multiple adversarial nations acting within close range of each other and supporting different warring factions.

“Russian unmanned aerial vehicles conducting monitoring and aerial reconnaissance on the territory of Syria, are operating in the routine mode.”
A senior Turkish government official said: “It’s a drone. We are trying to identify its nationality.”

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