Thursday, October 15, 2015

Every 30-40 years, riding some type of generational learning curve, the United States must suffer through a spasm of socialist lunacy and suffer the consequences. It’s our turn, so let it be written, so let it be done. The good thing is, we never stay with these fantasies because we, as a country, learn the ugly truth—that weakening our national defense, stealing from the other guy, taking all we can until the lights go out, just doesn’t work. At the end of the day, reality sinks in for enough people to vote the communist-lites out of power.

The last period this happened was during the hippie glory days of the ‘60s and Jimmy Carter’s disastrous presidency in the ‘70s. Many Americans are not old enough to remember Soviet tanks rumbling through Afghanistan. They don’t remember how weak and pathetic Mr. Carter looked in his cardigan sweater sitting by the fireplace as 52 Americans were taken hostage in Iran and held for 444 days. They don’t remember the charred bodies of American servicemen paraded through the streets of Tehran after the failed hostage rescue mission.

Millennials just don’t realize that appeasing an enemy or a dictator doesn’t work. After all, they’ve been taught to be good Young Pioneers in college and to sing kumbaya. To confront that fantasy would comprise a macroaggression. They don’t realize the reason they can’t get a job is because the Obama administration has its sneaky fingers into every facet of the American economy, stifling job creation and innovation. To them, it’s all George W. Bush’s fault or those evil males of the species, you know, like the one who held the door open for them today, the bastard. Why deal with reality when you can deal with climate change? That makes them feel so much better inside (and it’s so much easier).

Well, I’ve got another thing coming for our socialist half of the country, you know, the ones who want all the free stuff and to make you and I pay for it. There is a whole world of conservative, rational, effective hurt coming your way. The country has had enough of the charades, the lies, the corruption, the weakness, and the spin. Even the Democrats admitted in the recent debate that the economy sucks and we know it, damn that George Bush.

Want evidence of this coming revolution? How about the recent Fox News poll that shows every Republican candidate beating Hillary Rodham Clinton in the general election? How about the fact that Republicans hold so many governorships and state legislatures at the moment? How about the two wave elections of 2010 and 2014, when Congress was handed to the Republican Party? And, yes, how about the fact that the GOP is in the middle of a revolt by conservatives who want their country back?

Several recent polls this year have showed that national security is atop the minds Americans going into 2016. Does anyone seriously believe the Obama administration has given the American people a security blanket? I think most serious Americans are scared to death. Yes, this will be a national security election. Americans will look past the blue light special, free stuff, giveaway promises of the say-anything-to-get-elected party. The adults over 30 will get out and vote because they see how dangerous the future looks to anyone with half a brain or anyone that seriously cares about their children’s future.

Democrats have lost the independents, and those voters will show up big time to defeat Mrs. Clinton in the general election.

Speaking of Hillary, I haven’t even touched on her lying criminality. Anyone with any time in the military or government, which is a lot of Americans, can see that she broke the law and should be in jail. She endangered national security. She even outed the name of a spy on her server that was hacked by every intelligence service worth its salt. Remember the Valerie Plame scandal? This is exponentially above that in regard to its seriousness.

Most Americans get it, no matter how the media spins it. Stick a fork in Hillary Rodham Clinton, she’s done, and so is the Democratic Party for another 40 years.

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