Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Since the last nuclear deal, when then-Democratic President Bill Clinton channeled future President Barack Obama and told the world how great the “deal” was for peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and how North Korea would not achieve nuclear weapon status, much has changed. Now, North Korea can play the mutually assured destruction game just like the United States and other nuclear powers.

The Washington Free Beacon reported Monday that U.S. Adm. William Gortney, Northcom commander, stated that North Korea currently has the means to hit the United States with a long-range missile tipped with a miniaturized nuclear warhead. This is not maybe, in the future, or if; it is now a reality.

“I agree with the intel community that we assess that they have the ability, they have the weapons, and they have the ability to miniaturize those weapons, and they have the ability to put them on a rocket that can range the homelands. And as the defender of North America, the United States officially, in the ballistic missile defense, I think the American people expect me to take the threat seriously,” he said Wednesday at the Atlantic Council.

During a recent North Korean military parade in Pyongyang, a North Korean commentator said, “With the vengeful desire to turn the citadel of our enemies into a sea of fire, our powerful tactical rockets loaded with diversified and miniaturized nuclear warheads are on the move.” The missiles were shown loaded onto a Chinese transporter, erector, launcher. Mobile missiles pose an especially serious threat as they are hard to target by Western forces.

“But three years after these Chinese TELs appeared, and now with their third appearance in a North Korean military parade, the administration has yet to provide a substantive public explanation to the American people about China’s assistance for North Korean ICBMs that can now devastate American cities,” said Rick Fisher, a senior research fellow with the International Assessment and Strategy Center.

What is especially ironic is that the administration is relying on missile defense technology to defend the United States against a North Korean missile strike. This “Star Wars” program championed by Ronald Reagan in the 1980s was vilified by the Left as lunacy and a waste of money. After significant reductions by the Obama administration, U.S. missile defense is left wanting, even though it is desperately needed to counteract disastrous foreign policy decisions such as the Iran nuclear deal. Today, to face the North Korean threat, the United States has Aegis warships off the Korean Peninsula as well as a limited system of radar/interceptors in California and Alaska. Satellite systems are also involved.

America needs a new leader to complete the vision of Reagan and not rely on mutually assured destruction but American know-how and technology to defend the homeland. The Russians and Chinese would not be so vocally against such a program if they were not afraid of it.

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