Thursday, June 18, 2015


During the 2012 election season Donald Trump was saying a lot of politically incorrect things that were right on the mark — and he was generating interest right up until the time he decided a TV show was more important than the country. We are now in the 2016 general election season and Mr. Trump is again making politically incorrect statements that are again right on the mark. Is this all for publicity? Is Mr. Trump just a really rich guy looking for excitement? If he is not sincere about a presidential run I wish he would stop confusing the issue.

The Republicans have many candidates and some would make good presidents, but many would not be able to get elected due to lack of financial backing. Those with financial backing (such as Jeb Bush) are unlikely to get elected, but if elected they would not make good presidents. The Democrats have no one running that would that make a good president, plus Hillary Clinton would probably continue the current destruction of this nation by the Obama administration.

If Mr. Trump is serious, and I hope that he is, he should get on ballots, hire high-level staff to put together a campaign and make a lot of noise about doing all of it. If he doesn’t, it means he is again not sincere, in which case I wish he would just be quiet and stop distracting from the real matter at hand. Our country is in serious trouble and we don’t have time to indulge what amounts to a rich kid looking for attention.


Lambertville, N.J.

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