Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I bring you greetings from the American people from the United States Congress. We stand with you in solidarity against three decades of tyranny, against the ayatollah, against Islamic extremists, against the harsh rule of tyranny, against stifling the freedom of the speech, against the harassment and the persecution, the political decadence, against journalists, against women, against minorities of all kinds. We stand against this, and we stand for you. We stand for those who are imprisoned today because they stand for truth.

We, the American people, the American Congress, will make sure that we have the final word on any agreement concerning a nuclear agreement with Iran. We stand against terrorism, we stand against the role that Iran is playing to spread terrorism throughout the world. We are your partner. We will be here for victory. We will be here to make sure that the Iranian people live in democracy. So today let us join together in full commitment, in full spirit, that truth will prevail.

The Iranian people will see freedom. They will see liberty. They will see democracy, and I congratulate you. I congratulate Madam Rajavi in her leadership. Let us go forth looking to Him, who has given us all life and breath and liberty.

• Mr. Pittenger is a Republican House member representing North Carolina and a member of the Committee on Financial Services. The above was adapted and excerpted from remarks he gave at the June 13 event in Paris.

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