Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Political correctness is at new levels of absurdity

A man has surgery to look like a woman. He competed in the Olympics. He fathered children. He forever has male DNA. Yet we’re told it’s shameful unless we call him a her.
A white woman leads a chapter of the NAACP. She was born Caucasian. She attended a black university—but sued them claiming mistreatment because she wasn’t black. But now she says she’s black. So does her opinion about herself override the facts?
Are imaginary friends real, because somebody believes in them? Or fairies, like Tinker Belle in Peter Pan? 
America is now a land of make-believe.
TV shows that are taped in exotic locations, with situations created by producers, and edited heavily before airing—are called reality TV.
Thinking or desiring something does not make it real. It’s time for America to wake up and realize that.

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