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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Three women successfully completed the first phase of Ranger School and will begin the Mountain Phase of training on Saturday, according to a spokesman from Fort Benning.

The three women had previously failed to pass the Darby phase at Fort Benning, Georgia, twice. They were given the chance to restart the elite Ranger course from its beginning on June 21 and passed on the third try with a class of 158 men who will also move on to the Mountain Phase.

In Mountain Phase, which takes place at Fort Merrill in Dahlonega, Ga., soldiers go through 20 days of intensive platoon training and operations, according to an Army release. It includes four days of military mountaineering training, four days of techniques training, 10 days of student-lead patrols and one day where soldiers receive feedback on their performance.

Students who are able to pass the Mountain Phase will move on to the Florida Phase of Ranger School on Aug. 1.

The phase the women just passed consists of a preliminary physical fitness test, followed by a land navigation test, swim test, and a 12-mile foot march with a 35-pound rucksack in under three hours.

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