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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Secret Service said it’s sending four senior-level officials packing into likely lower-level positions, the latest agency shake-up that comes on the heels of high-profile security lapses and widely reported sexual scandals.

Reuters reported that a source speaking on condition of anonymity confirmed that Acting Director Joseph Clancy told four officials in charge of protections that they must go. They’re reportedly being transferred to other duties.

“Four assistant directors have been notified that they’re being assigned to other positions,” the source said, Reuters reported.

The Associated Press named the four officials in its report: “Dale Pupillo, who led protective operations; Paul Morrissey, who oversaw the agency’s investigative mission; Jane Murphy, who was governmental and public affairs chief; and Mark Copanzzi, who headed up technology and the tools for mission support. Details of their new posts were not released Wednesday.”

The news comes just shortly after Mr. Clancy told Congress that he wanted to establish a circle of trust within the Secret Service — a claim he made just after Julia Pierson, the agency director, resigned from her post.

“Change is necessary to gain a fresh perspective on how we conduct business,” Mr. Clancy said in a previously released statement, Reuters reported. “I am certain any of our senior executives will be productive and valued assets either in other positions at the Secret Service or at the [Homeland Security] department.”

The Secret Service just took public hits for allowing intruders to enter the White House grounds. In 2012, agents in Columbia for Mr. Obama’s summit were also embarrassed by a public outing of their dalliances with prostitutes. In another public relations disaster, a Secret Service agent was discovered drunk and unconscious in the hall of a hotel where he was stationed to guard for Mr. Obama’s visit, Reuters reported.

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