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Friday, February 13, 2015

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has jumped into a Puerto Rico legislative battle that’s brewing — in which parents of obese children could be fined between $500 and $800 if their kids don’t lose weight — and kicked off a campaign to push the benefits of a vegan diet.

Their campaign?

To put up a billboard on a Puerto Rican highway that reads: “Feeding Kids Meat Is Child Abuse. Fight the Fight. Go Vegan,” PETA reported in an emailed statement.

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“In addition to facing social challenges caused by childhood obesity, children who are fed a diet laden with saturated animal fat and cholesterol face the risk of developing diabetes and other health problems,” PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman said in a written statement. “PETA is encouraging caring parents to do the right thing for their children by leaving meat off the table.”

PETA, citing pediatrician Benjamin Spock, said a diet high in meat “can help make kids fat and sick,” while vegan meals “can help keep [them] healthy.”

PETA’s motto, in part, states that “animals are not ours to eat.”

Puerto Rico lawmakers are mulling a proposal to fine the parents of children deemed obese up to $800 if they’re not able to lose the weight. PETA said it’s in discussions with Puerto Rican authorities to get the billboard placed now.

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